Educator Spotlight

The Coronavirus Pandemic changed the sense of normalcy for schools and educators across the nation. The trials and errors of shifting to an online mode of learning became something of a shared experience for teachers and students alike. However, the Pandemic also highlighted the creativity and passion of educators across the nation, as they have grappled with ways to keep their students engaged and learning, even from a (social) distance.

A day in the life of educator Schuyler Porter, teaching from his truck.

One such educator, Schuyler Porter, works at Tuba City Boarding School in Tuba City, AZ. He is a social studies teacher. During this last school year, Porter would drive to a local chapter hall to get internet service for his classes. He went there daily, connecting to the building’s wifi, and teaching his classes.

There are hundreds of thousands of similar stories of educators, like Porter, going the extra mile for their students. Although this has been the norm for many teachers, the Pandemic has brought these stories to the forefront.