About Education Lifeskills

Before Education Lifeskills was formally created, our parent company ACCI Lifeskills (American Community Corrections Institute) received an increasing amount of requests from schools, school districts and parents to develop a catalog of courses expressly for junior high and high school students. The number one consistent theme for feedback about our curriculum that we received from our criminal justice clients and program participants was that they wished that they had been taught ACCI’s essential cognitive life skills while they were in school. Thousands of participants told us they wish they could have avoided painful consequences by learning and living the principles found in all of our cognitive life skills courses.

To answer that call and to provide a more preventative oriented catalog of courses, Education Lifeskills was created. The more we listen to schools and those involved with at-risk students, the more we realize the need for our cognitive based intervention. We have learned that far too often the discipline measures put forth by the school or school district are largely ineffective. The science of CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) has long been established as an evidence-based approach with countless per reviewed research studies and out comes. When programs intervene in both the underlying thinking errors together with the negative behavior, a more permanent change in behavior is achieved. Whereas focusing mainly on the negative behavior with traditional consequences and forms of discipline rarely produce the desired results.

We are excited to form partnerships and relationships with schools, school districts and communities that understand the value of SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) and cognitive – behavioral curriculum which help students overcome their self-defeating thoughts and behaviors and achieve higher levels academically and socially. As a society, our way of life depends on the ability of the rising generation to be prepared to meet current and future challenges.

Education Lifeskills has an array of solutions and resources to help schools increase the effectiveness of their prevention and intervention efforts. Schools can get started by creating a Lifeskills Link Account to enroll a student into one of our courses. Or contact us for more information.