Cognitive Behavioral Life Skills

Cognitive Behavioral Life Skills Curriculum

What do we gain as a nation and as communities when our youth become book smart but lack pro-social values? Where does that path lead? We believe that a nation or community can never rise higher than the values of its citizens. Yes, our children need literacy, yes they need education – absolutely, but what if we saw that the decline in tests scores and the increase in dropout rates had little to do with our teachers or nothing to do with the academic curriculum used. What if academic performance and pro-social behaviors had more to do with the character and moral integrity of the student than any other variable?

Through our cognitive life skills courses, students are provided the space and opportunity to discuss and discover their own value system. Through our curriculum and programs students develop a successful mindset to overcome their challenges and accept personal responsibility. Students learn through the vicarious stories found in all of our courses the possible consequences, both good and bad, that can come from those whose values are productive and pro-social versus those who have a destructive lifestyle.

Let’s start a conversation that is focused on increasing the character of each student on your campus.

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