SEL Curriculum and Resources for Educators

  How much time and resources do the teachers in your school spend on managing negative behaviors versus how much time do they spend actually teaching the subject material? Education Lifeskills understands these and other issues that teachers and schools are facing. There is an ever increasing need to address the self-defeating thoughts and behaviors of both the students and their families. ACCI Lifeskills  is our parent company, they have developed evidence-based cognitive life skills and character development curriculum for adult and juvenile offenders since 1975. We have taken our core cognitive restructuring model and infused it into early intervention and prevention courses. Visit the course page to view each course details or to request a sample copy. We would like to discuss which of the following program options best fits your class, school or school district. Contact us!
Character Development Curriculum Kit by Education Life Skills
Annual License to Reprint This is the most cost effective and flexible program option. Participating schools will be provided with an all inclusive kit that includes all of education life skills courses together with group supplements and activities as well as instructor guides. As on option, schools can choose to use a customized Lifeskills Link solution, which is a web based tracking system. Lifeskills Link is great for printing certificates of completion, keeping data for future research and providing teacher and admin views of student participation and completion reports. Courses can be printed and used without any limitation. We can typically get the cost down to about $5.00 per student per year. Discounts apply for multiple schools or entire school districts. Contact Us
Purchase Individual Courses Schools can purchase different character development curriculum to meet specific needs. This option is ideal for addressing specific issues with specific student populations. Schools can choose between purchasing hard copy courses or eLearning courses, the cost is the same for either option. A minimum of 5 courses must be purchased and volume-based discounts apply. For purchases of 25 courses or more, a complimentary program guide will be provided. Bulk Purchase
Education Life Skills Registration
Refer Students and Parents with Lifeskills Link Experience the easy-to-use web based referral system – Lifeskills Link. Students can easily be enrolled into an early intervention / prevention life skills course and choose to complete the course through the mail or online. Participating schools can easily track each enrolled students progress and receive emails regarding the students activity including the ability to view the students typed in responses. Schools can choose to submit referrals that require the student and family to purchase the course or the school and choose to cover the cost of each course. Volume-based discounts apply for schools who pre-purchase courses in bulk. This is an ideal option that includes parents or guardians into character development for their student and is an appropriate response by the school for identifying at risk thinking or at risk behavior which undermines the student’ academic and social progress. Create Lifeskills Link Account
Custom eLearning Solutions Education Lifeskills can customize its LMS (Learning Management System) for any school or school district. Participating schools will receive admin access to the LMS. A customized version of Lifeskills Link can also be provided which allows for unlimited teacher and admin accounts. With these accounts teachers can enroll and track each students courses activity, teachers will also be able to view all of the students typed in responses which increases accountability and provides a platform for targeted follow up conversations that are focused on the application of new thinking skills. The course content can be delivered on mobile friendly devices or desktop computers as well as offline eLearning applications. Request Demo
Character Development Curriculum on an iPad