Family Involvement

It has been said often that in today’s world it takes a village to raise a healthy and successful boy or girl. Far too often, in our school systems we pin negative behavior on the student with little to no regard to the students’ parental involvement in education, home environment, and family dynamics. Indeed, a misbehaving student needs to learn how to take personal responsibility for their choices. But until the school and the student understands how their family dynamics have contributed to their level of academic performance and school behavior a sustainable solution will continue to be out of reach.

Each and every course that we offer elicits the participation of a pro-social coach or mentor. We recommend that a parent/guardian or school-based mentor assist the student in completing our courses.

If you are planning to facilitate a class or group with our courses, then we recommend that some, if not most, of the course work be completed outside of the class or group with the student’s parent or mentor. We don’t want to loose on an opportunity to connect the student with a pro-social mentor or parent. Some schools have existing mentoring programs which can become an ideal opportunity to integrate our courses and programs.

Our decades of experience in working with juvenile offenders have reinforced to us that learning, changing and growing almost always takes place in the context of healthy and positive relationships.

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